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Know everything about  wine is impossible, because we are dealing with a changing world, which includes complex subjects like history, geography, chemistry ... maybe that is also why it is so fascinating to study it and apply our knowledge with each new tasting.Over the past twenty years I have had the good fortune to visit vineyards and wineries in Italy and worldwide, compare the different soils and microclimates, taste the products of the most different latitudes. I obtained the diploma of Sommelier because I felt the need to develop and deepen my previous experiences and prepare myself for future discoveries.The Italian wine is the driving force of our gastronomic culture and whenever I get a group of tourists I try to transmit them the hard work, study and  passion for nature essential to achieve excellent results.Apulia is definitely a very interesting region, where grape growing began before 2000 b.C.Bathed by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas has always been an important production of intensely coloured wines with high alcohol and low acidity, which in the past were intended primarily to cut. Currently, the goals are very different, aimed at quality rather than quantity, with the rediscovery of historical local vines which had been abandoned for reasons of low yield, making it possible to obtain excellent results in terms of finesse and elegance. The four production areas, from North to South: Gargano, Tavoliere, Murge and Salento, we can add the Monti Dauni bordering Molise and  Campania, with land-clayey and calcareous soil. Black Berry grapes exceed the 80% of the cultivated area, the most widespread is the negro amaro, followed by primitivo, bombino nero, uva di Troia, sangiovese and Montepulciano while regarding the white grape varietals, Tuscan trebbiano, bombino bianco, fiano, verdeca and bianco di Alessano.The visits to 

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